What is the best opening music for WWE RAW?

We’ve seen a number of different theme songs throughout the years open WWE RAW, but none of them has ever stood out to me as much when Anthrax performed “All Together Now” for the second hour of RAW which was better known as the War Zone back then.

Now,  I was a WCW guy and growing up with the Nitro theme song, I never thought much of that WCW brand song. The song itself was a pretty generic guitar rift and lacked any sort of vocals. The intro to Nitro also seemed more like the opening to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle video game than a Pro Wrestling program.

The first time I saw the intro for RAW in 97/98 with “All Together Now”,  I was blown away. This intro screamed “All bets are off, anything goes!” with this program. Helicopters,  things blowing up, and various wrestlers exchanging punches with each other in a wrestling ring…THAT WAS ON FIRE! That’s right! I honestly think that the ring on fire in this intro is what eventually inspired the inferno match that would come a few years later. Most importantly though, the music set the tone with its heavy guitar rifts and wrestling inspired lyrics:

Rock n’ roll’s like fightin’ in the ring,
we got together, to do our thing,
we all play hard, we all play low,
that’s why we got together to sing this song.

To me, the song is what sealed the deal for that intro being one of the best intros to a wrestling program and being one of my favorite songs throughout RAW’s history featured as the intro. I’m really enjoying watching the Attitude Era RAW episodes and hearing thie song again!

What’s your favorite theme that opened RAW?