The Enforcer’s Corner Update 5/28/15

Update on the Elimination Chamber Intercontinental Championship Match

According to multiple sources, Rusev injured his ankle badly at the Tuesday Smackdown Live tapings.  It is being reported that Bray Wyatt will replace Rusev inside the chamber.  This is huge news especially since Rusev was my pick to win the IC strap at Elimination Chamber.  It is very unfortunate for Rusev because I was confident that the WWE was going to give him the Intercontinental Championship and let him run as a monster heel.  I was looking forward to the Ziggler/Rusev feud that was starting to build up.

If they had added someone like Stardust to the mix, I would have to go back to my original pick of Sheamus.  The WWE has decided to add Bray Wyatt into the mix.  I am going to get real crazy with this new choice and choose Bray Wyatt to crab walk out of Elimination Chamber as the Intercontinental Championship.  I know Bray Wyatt has been MIA as of late but I can’t think of a better way to make him credible again.  He needs to go on from there and have a monster heel run with the title where he does not lose. (Just like I wanted with Rusev)  If WWE creative wants to get real rowdy then they need to have Harper and Rowan take out Los Matadores, enter the chamber, and win the WWE Tag Team Titles.  Then reform the Wyatt Family as a dominant stable. (not one that is fed to Cena when he needs to look good)

New Winner: Bray Wyatt win Intercontinental Championship

Possible Shocker: Harper & Rowan win Tag Team Championships


Neville vs Bo Dallas


As stated earlier,  I am shocked to see Neville relegated to a feud with Bo Dallas after making such an impactful debut on the main roster. (See “The Enforcer’s Blog for my views on Neville)  If Bo Dallas was a more credible opponent,  I wouldn’t be so harsh on this match.  All I’ve seen Bo Dallas do over the past few months is come out, cut a promo then get squashed against whoever he is wrestling.  I do however, bo-lieve that Bo Dallas could be a compelling character that the WWE creative team should be able to do great stuff with (We talked about it on the podcast. Have Bray Wyatt break him down slowly over a few months and have him join the Wyatt Family)(Just an idea creative, just an idea)  However if they want to make Bo Dallas a character that stands on his own then he needs a win over a great wrestler.  As much as I want Neville to keep his momentum going, I  bo-lieve that Bo Dallas needs this win more then Neville.  So my prediction is that Bo Dallas SNEAKS out of Elimination Chamber with a win over Neville. (Remember Neville is working the knee injury angle right now).

Winner: Bo Dallas