The Casual Mark Podcast – Episode 15


The Casual Mark Podcast – Episode 15 – Download

Segment 1 – Intro

Segment 2 – The Undercard

  • TNA on POPTV/Matt Hardy VS EC3/James Storm Returns to TNA.
  • Lucha Underground Returns.
  • NJPW Talent Headed to WWE/Bullet Club?!

Segment 3 – Smackdown to USA.

  • Has Smackdown been better since moving to USA?
  • How is MAURO RANALLO as the new Smackdown announcer? 

Segment 4 – Jim Ross Signs With AXSTV!

  • Jim Ross signed to do commentary for AXSTV NJPW.

Segment 5 – Social Outcasts

  • Social Outcasts or future endeavored?

Segment 6 – Roman Reigns as WWE Champion/IC Title Feud/US Title Feud.

  • Does Roman Reigns cut the mustard as WWE Champ?
  • Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens.
  • Kalisto VS Alberto Del Rio.
  • CMWP Bonus: Chris Jericho return thoughts.

Segment 7 – CMWP Hotline Results

  • We hear our listeners thoughts on the Royal Rumble!

Segment 8 – Royal Rumble Discussion.

  • Can WWE have a great Royal Rumble this year?