A RAW 25 to Remember?

Tomorrow night is the 25th anniversary of RAW and as much as the show is a celebration of the past, it needs something special to cement its present and future. That “special something” is a brand-new WWE Universal Champion and that man to win it on tomorrow night’s show is Braun Strowman.

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Braun has been booked as an absolute monster these past few weeks and it would be a shame for him; as well as the fans to deny him a great payoff. We know that there is a very high chance that during the three-way match at the Royal Rumble is going to end with Kane eating the pin and Brock retaining the championship; so why don’t we mix things up for the week?

In the perfect scenario, Kurt Angle books a blockbuster match for the main event at RAW 25 by pitting Brock VS Braun in a Universal Championship match. The match goes down and in a surprising finish, Braun pins Brock clean. The crowd goes nuts, the fans at home goes nuts and for once Brock Lesnar has seemingly met his match when it comes to “The Monster among Men.” Strowman holding that championship in the air would be a tremendous way to close the anniversary show and unforgettable at that.

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“Roman Reigns VS Brock Lesnar still has to happen! It’s been booked for years!” you reply.

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I get it, that match must happen and at this point, it should. We can still put that booking back into play, we just simply have Brock regain the title at the Rumble. Kane and Lesnar team up to bring Braun down, still making Strowman look like a beast in the process and Kane still eats the pin; courtesy of Brock Lesnar. While Braun loses the belt, he technically was never pinned and somewhere along the lines will be owed a rematch; possibly against Roman Reigns as the new champion.

If RAW 25 ends with Kane, Braun and Strowman trading blows and being held back from each other by security, the only thing it proves that after 25 years; RAW is repetitive. Let’s make this Monday night something to remember, WWE!