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Inventory Time and Game Room States.

I don’t know many years I’ve been saying this, but with the arrival of fall; I’m finally going to get a proper inventory of my game library that I’m estimating is at about 7000 + games. Around 2008, I started doing an inventory on what I had for insurance purposes and in that time my collection has morphed into various states. For one, I trimmed out systems that I picked up that I simply never played; like the NEC PC-FX, Sega Game Gear and a plethora ¬†of loose Atari stuff. I still struggle with potentially getting rid of my Atari Jaguar system and games, but I simply can’t stop revisiting AVP from time to time. As a result, I’ve left the system in a module state that is easy to plug in if need be, but not a “instant access, instant on” system. I also can’t tell you how many different layouts my game room has had. I’ve had multiple ways of displaying games on screen with up to four screens at the same time! That has changed and now I strictly play them on one display, with a CRT in my Sega Saturn kiosk as a back up. The only constant that hasn’t changed would be the game shelves; which are not easily moved due to how many games on are on them.

I always thought the most ironic way I could die would be by one of shelves of games falling on me.

Other then the changes I noted above though, getting a solid inventory of the library shouldn’t be too bad. The amount of games I’ve picked up the last couple of years has slimmed down extensively due to how much the prices for older games have inflated and the shrinking of places to actually find classic games. Around 90 percent of the stores that would sell classic games have closed down and the amount of flea markets in my area have stopped happening as well. Any flea markets that do have sellers of these games have them marked up beyond eBay levels, which isn’t worth my time or money. These days I stick to picking them up at conventions where I can it least have a better chance of negotiating prices on games, but those opportunities are slim as well. Focusing at the task at hand, I’ll most likely start by doing inventory on my boxed games before I hit my shelves with the loose games. What will the final number of games be? I’m looking forward to finding out, if my shelves don’t kill me first.

Many thanks to Emmie for the art! ūüôā



Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack released on vinyl.

Donkey Kong Country was the first official video game soundtrack I picked up when it was available to purchase on the Nintendo Power Super Power Club Supplies Catalog. The SNES has a tremendous amount of games with fantastic soundtracks, but there was something about the variety that DKC featured that I had to have as copy of. With the use of my Super Power Supplies Stamps and a few dollars more from my mom; I was able to place an order for the soundtrack. I played that original cassette tape like crazy and I’m pretty sure that somewhere in some storage bins is that very same tape.

So, it shouldn’t come to much surprise that when Moonshake Records announced it was going to be doing a release of the DKC Soundtrack on 12 inch vinyl that I would be picking it up. It arrived a few weeks ago along with Moonshake’s other release of Metroid, but sadly it was damaged in shipping and was pretty much unplayable. My replacement copy arrived last FrIday and plays without issues thanks to no damage from the post office this time around. Both sides are available to listen to below and is a direct rip from my equipment. The record at this time is sold out, but there may be a chance it will get repressed. If that is the case, we will provide a link when it happens.


  • Title
  • Simian Segue
  • Island Swing
  • Cranky’s Theme
  • Cave Dweller Concert
  • Bonus Room Blitz
  • Aquatic Ambiance
  • Candy’s Theme
  • Bad Boss Boogie
  • Mine Cart Madness


  • Life in the Mines
  • Voice of the Temple
  • Forest Frenzy
  • Treetop Rock
  • Funky’s Theme
  • Misty Menace
  • Northern Hemispheres
  • Ice Cave Chant
  • Fear Factory
  • Gang Plank Galleon/Ending
  • Bonus Songs

Brave Wave releasing the Art of Fighting Soundtrack on CD and vinyl.

Brave Wave is tackling NEO-GEO soundtracks next and it looks like the first one will be Art of Fighting. I just re-visited the game because I honestly couldn’t remember a single tune from the soundtrack because its buried over a ton of loud sound effects. Even after completing the game again, I’m still not completely sold on if I want the soundtrack to this in collection. I’ll have to give it a better listen soon.
AOF Mock Up-1.jpg

Brave Wave Announces ART OF FIGHTING The Definitive Soundtrack for CD and Vinyl!


SNK and Brave Wave Productions are proud to announce that they have entered into a partnership for releasing classic NEOGEO soundtracks on CD and vinyl. This multi-year endeavor begins with Generation Series 005: ART OF FIGHTING, Generation Series 00X: ART OF FIGHTING 2 and Generation Series 00X: THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR: ART OF FIGHTING 3. First released in 1992, the ART OF FIGHTING series celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year in 2017. SNK and Brave Wave are eager to introduce the classic fighting game franchise to a new generation of gamers.

As part of Brave Wave’s critically acclaimed¬†Generation Series¬†lineup of classic video game soundtracks, the¬†ART OF FIGHTING¬†soundtracks will feature each games’ original music restored to the highest possible quality, in collaboration and consultation with SNK and the original composers of NEO Sound Orchestra. The CD and vinyl will feature artwork from the SNK archives by the legendary illustrator Shinkiro, in addition to thorough liner notes with insight on the production of¬†ART OF FIGHTING.

ART OF FIGHTING The Definitive Soundtrack will release for CD and vinyl in October 2017, followed by ART OF FIGHTING 2 The Definitive Soundtrack and THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR: ART OF FIGHTING 3 The Definitive Soundtrack in the first half of 2018.

SNK and Brave Wave hope to expand this collaboration to other major NEOGEO franchises beyond ART OF FIGHTING starting in 2018. NEOGEO fans can expect many of their favorite classic soundtracks to make their way to CD and vinyl in new and unprecedented quality, under the same award-winning team at Brave Wave who previously worked on the Billboard-charted Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack and the two-volume Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack.

For all inquiries regarding ART OF FIGHTING The Definitive Soundtrack, please visit Brave Wave’s official website at or e-mail Brave Wave at

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