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Alucard Gets a Fancy New Statue of himself.

“Alucard? The same Alucard who fought alongside my ancestor Trevor Belmont?”

Yes, Richter; the very same. Things have been certainly looking up for the Castlevania franchise. We have a bunch of soundtracks released on the vinyl format, an animated series and now a pretty bad ass statue from Mondo of the half man/half vampire who wishes to see Dracula, his own father; stopped of his evil deeds.

The fact that this statue shows of two of his other forms in his cape is very cool and well sculpted. I have no idea how much this is going to cost but if the price is right, he may be sitting along with the rest of my Castlevania collection.

The Contra Soundtrack Comes to Vinyl.

I’m late to post on this one, but the NES/Famicom and arcade versions of the Contra soundtrack is available on vinyl and ready to purchase over at Mondo Tees!


When I was a very young boy, the Contra soundtrack was very much a part of my video game mix tapes I would record with a boom box placed right next the speaker of my black and white TV. I placed my order for this last week and I’m looking forward to receiving it.


The future is now.

We are officially half-way through 2017 and its time to make some announcements for Gamer Logic and what its future holds.

The beginning of the year marked our launch for our Patreon page that I had high hopes for, but ultimately failed due to hit and runners grabbing the content and cancelling their pledges before they were required to pay. Seeing the writing on the wall, I decided to pull the plug on the project and seek other ways of paying for the costs of running Gamer Logic without it digging too deep into my own bank account.

Today, I’m finally getting around to announcing that we found that funding. Last month, I signed a two-year deal with an advertising company that will be paying for advertising space on Gamer Logic Dot Net. This is great news, because the funding from it and the few months of the Patreon page immediately went into paying for a better server for Gamer Logic; meaning more bandwidth and more capabilities.

Full disclosure here: Some advertisements on websites annoy the ever-living shit out of me and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit with web sites that run ads that automatically play videos, sounds, music or suddenly show a full screen window of whatever the ad is trying to sell you. When I started approaching companies looking to sell advertising space, I had a list of requirements and the major one was that the advertisements posted needed to be non-evasive. Most of my talks with companies stopped thereafter and even most of the ones that stuck around still tried to sell me a line of bull shit; but we eventually found a winner. So, trust me on this one: You’ll see ads, but you’ll see the content first.

My focus the last few months has been really to bring crowds back to the actual Gamer Logic website rather than YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and all the other social media platforms the site hangs its hat on. The traffic we get here absolutely destroys anything we do anywhere else, so why wouldn’t we want to keep the fire burning the brightest here? No more having our content held hostage because Google or Facebook want money to promote it or because they changed their view algorithm.

We will be making a few changes to what content we produce and where it sits. Here’s the list so far:

Bleeps on Wax – Exclusive to Gamer Logic Dot Net with teaser videos pushed to social media.

Import Boken – Exclusive to Gamer Logic Dot Net with teaser videos pushed to social media.

JAMMA Session – Series will be predominately featured on YouTube, but uploaded to other social media sites.

Gamer Logic Live – We will no longer being doing live streams on Twitch or YouTube as the views do make sense to continue doing them at those sites. We WILL however continue to be doing live streams from Facebook Live where the views are substantially better. The eventual plan is to host live streams directly on Gamer Logic Dot Net along with videos, but that is a work in progress.

We will continue to distribute all our random content across all social media platforms.

Advertisements will start appearing on on September 1st.

I’m really excited about the future of Gamer Logic and have a few things planned for the end of the year. Those announcements will come later though!

A major thanks to everyone who continues to support Gamer Logic and a massive thank you to our Facebook admins Marcus and Emmie as well!

~ Mike

Unholy Night Unboxing and Review

Unholy Night brings back memories of renting a video game solely based on how cool the box cover looked and then being disappointed with it 15 minutes after popping it in. The game showed some promise when it was being developed, but ultimately falls short with its finished product. Find out why in this video review:


Super Hang-On Soundtrack – Bleeps on Wax

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to play Yu Suzuki’s Super Hang-On at my local arcade for the first time in years. I forgot how much fun the classic Sega arcade game was, but even more so I forgot about just how damn good the soundtrack was. The soundtrack written by Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi and Shigeru Ohwada; definitely gives off a jazzy but frantic feel that captures the essense of screaming down the road on a high speed motorcycle. After spending a few credits on the game, I remembered that Data-Discs actually released the soundtrack on vinyl ; so I decided to hunt it down.

Both sides of the record are very good, but if I had to pick a favorite track; I’d have to go with “Outride a Crisis. Again, this track just captures the mood the game so well and its fun to listen to it while on the road or while going for a run. Don’t take my word for it though, check out the full album below for my rips of the record.


A1. Opening
A2. Outride a Crisis
A3. Sprinter


B1. Winning Run
B2. Hard Road
B3. Goal
B4. Name Entry

For our fourth release in partnership with SEGA, we are proud to present the soundtrack to one of the defining arcade games of the 1980s: SUPER HANG-ON. Using audio sourced directly from the original 1987 arcade machine sound board, this carefully restored and remastered edition presents the unforgettable soundtrack to SEGA and Yu Suzuki’s classic racer on vinyl for the first time outside of Japan.

Image result for super hang on vinyl

Housed in a meticulously designed custom die-cut sleeve, on 400gsm matt finish cardstock, with 300gsm printed inner sleeve and a traditional OBI strip. 180g vinyl cut at 45rpm for maximum driving power!

Music by Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi and Shigeru Ohwada.

Released in the following editions:

  • 180g clear vinyl with blue, white and red tri-colour splatter (limited edition)
  • 180g classic black vinyl