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Good Will Hunting #11

I decided to stop by Good Will today and found a copy of “Perfect Weapon” on the PS1 in pretty good shape. Its an early launch title Playstation 1 game that I have never played and my interest in getting it has increased due to seeing it in a old EGM recently. I don’t expect much from it, but for only a dollar how can you go wrong?

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Good Will Hunting #10

I haven’t been picking up much stuff lately, due to the fact that the Midwest Gaming Classic is around the corner; but the game hunting bug got to me yesterday and I decided to stop by my local Good Will to see what was there and I did pretty good!


RePlay was a arcade magazine that most arcade operators received on a regular basis.

Sitting in a box, I found several completed NES games for super cheap along with a pair of RePlay magazines. The NES games found were Super Team Games, Alpha Mission, Super Glove Ball, Castelian, Rollerball, Track and Field and To The Earth. Not bad! Replay magazine is an interesting magazine for those who were interested in what the arcade/route operator was seeing in the business when the arcade biz flourished.



7 sealed/re-sealed NES games! I haven’t played a good chunk of these before.

Good Will Hunting #8

I stopped by the newly erected (ha ha) McHenry Flea Market center today and while there wasn’t much there for the retro or modern video game collector, I did manage to get two decent finds for the combined total of 5 bucks.

2011-11-20 16-32-17.423

Pinball Hall of Fame and Top Gear (Complete)

Now obviously I’m a pinball junkie, so picking up the Gottlieb Collection was a no brainer. The Top Gear I couldn’t resist because it was boxed and felt like it it least had the instruction manual…turns out it had more then that!2011-11-20 16-30-43.756

As you can see above, not only was the game and the instruction book inside, but the plastic covering the game, the card board insert and even all the registration cards! Now thinking about it, I think the only thing its actually missing is the SNES dust covers that use to come with the games, but maybe they stopped producing those games after awhile? I can’t remember. Still, its fairly rare to get a game with the registration card, it least to me. My parents made me throw them out when I opened my games because they believed it was a government experiment to see what games children were playing and would force them into certain careers because of it.

Yes. I’m making that up.

Upon walking out of the flea market, I noticed something rather amusing, the owner of a local video game shop was buying a ticket, presuming to pick up some games dirt cheap and resale them at the store. Now its tough to blame the guy, because it is a smart business move; but I can’t wait to ask the owner what he picked up at the flea market. Mwhahaha!

Good Will Hunting #7

Got a couple of good visits on my way back to the office yesterday. I couldn’t resist picking up the original booby bouncer “Dead or Alive” even if the Saturn version if far better. Top off the pick ups with Street Fighter EX +Alpha and I had a pretty good day.


Useless fact: I own over 243 Playstation 1 games now. Damn.

Good Will Hunting #6

2011-10-08 20-47-33.362

I decided to hit Trader Jon’s Pawn Shop today and got a few decent games for a cool 12 bucks. On the NES I grabbed Hoops, Breakthru, Pinball and Zanac. SNES wise: Judge Dredd and Star Trek. PS1: Gex 3 and Contra Legacy of War and Xbox Original: Far Cry and Half-Life 2. As an extra bonus, I scored a free manual for Castlevania 2.