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Space Duel now completed.

I didn’t think I’d get the opportunity to get a proper 19 inch arcade monitor for cheap this year, but a quick look at Craigslist changed all that. 24 hours later and my Space Duel Arcade cabinent is finally 100 percent completed. (Well, I still want to do some clean up on some of the wires in the inside, but that can wait till next year.)


Wiring it up and splicing the monitor in with the rest of the cabinet didn’t take long at all, but as you can see there was a bit of an issue with the picture once I got it setup. 1 hour later and I found out that my vertical sync needed to be hooked up to the negative sync post, not the positive. Oh well! Its working well now.

Taito Type X (2) Testing

As if I needed more stuff to screw around with..I’m currently testing the Taito Type X2 Hardware/Software on my MAME cabinet. I have a few games so far and I’m pretty impressed by them, but man I wish I had more time to play them period. Lots of great games have been released on this hardware, see below for a list.

===Type X² games===
* ”[[AquaPazza]]” (2011)
* ”[[Aquarian Age TCG|Aquarian Age Alternative]]” (2007)
* ”[[Battle Fantasia]]” (2007)
* ”[[BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger]]” (2008)
* ”[[BlazBlue: Continuum Shift]]” (2009)
* ”[[BlazBlue: Continuum Shift|BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II]]” (2010)
* ”[[Cho Chabudai Gaeshi!]]” (2009)
* ”[[Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! 2]]” (2010)
* ”[[Cyber Diver]]” (2009)
* ”[[Cyber Diver Ver.1.1]]” (2010)
* ”[[D1GP Arcade]]” (2007)
* ”[[Darius Burst|Darius Burst: Another Chronicle]]” (2010)
* ”[[Darius Burst|Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX]]” (2011)
* ”[[Elevator Action Death Parade]] (2009)
* ”[[Eternal Wheel]]” (2007)
* ”[[Gaia Attack 4]]” (2010)
* ”[[Haunted Museum II]]” (2011)
* ”[[Hopping Road]]” (2009)
* ”[[Hopping Road Kids]]” (2010)
* ”[[The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2|KOF Maximum Impact Regulation A]]” (2007)
* ”[[Lord of Vermilion]] (2008)
* ”[[Lord of Vermilion|Lord of Vermilion II]] (2009)
* ”[[Music Gun Gun!]] (2009)
* ”[[Music Gun Gun! 2]] (2011)
* ”[[Music Gun Gun!: Uta ga Ippai Cho Zokaban]] (2010)
* ”[[Oppopo Booom]] (2009)
* ”Panic Museum / Haunted Museum” (2009)
* ”Sh..! Welcome to Frightfearland / Haunted Museum II” (2010)
* ”[[Senor Nippon!]]” (2009)
* ”[[Samurai Shodown: Sen|Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny]] / [[Samurai Shodown: Sen|Samurai Spirits Sen]]” (2008)
* ”[[WarTech: Senko no Ronde|Senko No Ronde Duo – Dis-United Order]]” (2009)
* ”[[WarTech: Senko no Ronde|Senko No Ronde Duo – Dis-United Order Ver.2.00]]” (2009)
* ”[[Sonic Blast Heroes]]” (2011)
* ”[[Street Fighter IV]]” (2008)
* ”[[Super Street Fighter IV|Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition]]” (2010)
* ”[[The King of Fighters XII]]” (2009)
* ”[[The King of Fighters XIII]]” (2010)
* ”[[The King of Fighters XIII|The King of Fighters XIII Ver.1.1]]” (2010)

Arcade games added.

I’ve added a few more arcade Marquees on the right hand side of the blog to show what has been added to the arcade collection for the past 6 months. The links are not up on them yet for further information, but the pictures are fun to look at…right?