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Alucard Gets a Fancy New Statue of himself.

“Alucard? The same Alucard who fought alongside my ancestor Trevor Belmont?”

Yes, Richter; the very same. Things have been certainly looking up for the Castlevania franchise. We have a bunch of soundtracks released on the vinyl format, an animated series and now a pretty bad ass statue from Mondo of the half man/half vampire who wishes to see Dracula, his own father; stopped of his evil deeds.

The fact that this statue shows of two of his other forms in his cape is very cool and well sculpted. I have no idea how much this is going to cost but if the price is right, he may be sitting along with the rest of my Castlevania collection.

Get a grip!

Does the 3DS XL in both its original and new varieties cramp your hands after awhile? Mine did after extended play and I ended up purchasing a grip for it which helped tremendously for those long game sessions with games like Fire Emblem.5192YwSuIUL._SL1024_

Unfortunately, that grip quickly became outdated with the arrival of the NEW 3DS. The grip would fit but would cover those new shoulder buttons and sometimes be tight enough to activate the shoulder buttons. I’ve been looking for a grip for the new system since the release of the system and its looks like I found one. Hopefully it works out! Do you use a grip for any of your handhelds?