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Star Fox

Star Fox was a groundbreaking game for the SNES for it’s time, using the Super FX Chip it to

simulate 3D graphics when the SNES was dominated by 2D games.

After being banished to the planet Venom for his evil experiments, the scientist Andross

declared war on the entire Lylat System.  General Pepper of Corneria sent three of his top

pilots, James McCloud, Peppy Hare, and Pigma Dengar to investigate the strange activities on

Venom.  When they arrived, Pigma betrays his teammates, captures James and Peppy, and allies

with Andross.  Peppy managed to escape but James McCloud was presumed to have died.

Peppy returns to Corneria to tell James’s son Fox about what had happened.  A few years pass

and General Pepper has assembled a new team consisting of Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi,

Slippy Toad, and Fox McCloud.  The team’s name, Star Fox.

Star Fox is an on-rail space shooter,  It starts out as most rail shooters do, but it picks up fast as

find out the various things you can do with your Arwing, which is the ship you pilot in the game.

You can barrel roll to deflect incoming projectiles, collect rings to recover health, Brake and

Boost to get through opening doors,  you can also launch Smart Bombs to destroy multiple

enemies.  You can also get a Double Laser power up to increase damage.  You’re to choose the

course you want to travel, Level 1 being the easiest, Level 2 being moderate difficulty, and Level

3 being the Hardest. If you want to most of the game, hope you’re skilled enough.  Levels vary

from either fighting on a planet’s surface, flying through asteroids, or fighting an armada of

ships from the inside.  After making your way through, you finally get to Venom and have to

fight through Andross’s forces and it’s guardian, after that you’ll face off against Andross.

Andross himself can be challenging.  He launches panels from his eyes that will rotate towards

you, you’ll attempt to suck you in then spit out a lot of panels at you.  Once you shoot out both

of his eyes, his true face will be revealed and you’ll have to shoot it quickly before it reforms.

After defeating him, you escape and save the day.


I didn’t start playing this until 2004, 2005ish.  I found it at my local game store at the time and

figured it was time to start building my collection.  I still enjoy it even though it’s aged.

Personally I like the next game better.


DreamMix TV World Fighters

So while Super Smash Bros. Melee kept Gamecube owners busy, Konami, Takara, and Hudson came together with Bitstep and made their fighting game, DreamMix TV World Fighters.


DreamMix TV is a 2D arena brawler where up to four fighters compete to be the last person standing.  Each character has different special attacks using the B-Button and a direction, they also can block, throw and use a normal attack..  While fighting is the majority of each match, you’ll also need to collect hearts.  At the start of each match the characters are free to roam around the arena, and while your walking around, hearts will shoot out of the background, the more you collect, the better advantage you’ll have.  At the bottom of the screen is a bar with the characters little portarit, the bar will keep depleting the more damage that’s been dealt, and if you’re on the far left you’ll enter Pinch Mode where the next big hit will make lose your Heart.  You can get it back though, but the way to win is to collect all your oppents’s hearts.  You’re not out of the match, but you can’t win either, the only thing you can do is damage the other characters.


The Characters representing Konami are Solid Snake from Metal Gear, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, TwinBee, Power Pro-kun, from Power Pro, and Moai from Gradius.  Hudson has Bomberman, Yugo from Bloody Roar, Takahashi Meijin from Adventure Island, Momotaro    and Binbogami from Momotaro Densetsu, and Manjimaru from Far East of Eden.  Finally Takara has Optimis Prime and Megatron from Transfomers, Takao from Beyblade, Microman from Micronauts, Aska from Cy Girls, a Licca from the Licca-chan toy line.

This was only available in Japan, it’s available on PS2 and Gamecube.  It’s a nice alternative to Smash Bros.  There’s a lot of people that wanted Simon Belmont in Smash, this is about as close as it gets.  It’s very Import friendly besides navigating the menus.


Revisiting MMOs: Sometimes you CAN stay friends with your ex’s!

It’s been years…. but you can never forget your first love. That feeling of infatuation, the hours of sweat and tears put into your new blossoming relationship. You blew off plans with friends just so you can spend time together, and your PDA (Private Displays of Addiction) were intense… But sometimes, feelings fade. You look down the aisles of stores and find so many new options; new adventures. Next thing you know, you and your very first MMORPG drift apart….—

Wait, you thought I was talking about a person? What on earth made you even think that?

Any who, my point was that you never forget your first MMORPG. However, while you may never forget it, it’s commonly said that going back to your first ever MMORPG doesn’t feel the same. While you may try to replay it after years of a hiatus, the slight feeling of nostalgia doesn’t compare to the excitement and sense discovery you had when you had first made your account and character. In some occasions people have even gone back to their first love for a few months, but even in those cases the game-play doesn’t last long. The game-play is outdated, and MMORPG’s themselves tend to have communities full of veteran players that tend to not be friendly to noobies (this isn’t ALWAYS the case, but it’s defiantly something people have noticed, including myself).
Although the chances are low, it is still possible to go back to your first MMORPG and fall in love all over again. Maybe you see a new appreciation for the game, or maybe at the time you first joined, you were young and dumb and didn’t even know how to play the game properly. Maybe the game did a brilliant job at keeping the game play fresh and up to date, or has a formula that other games just haven’t been able to pull off. While unlikely, sometimes you can be friends with your ex! Just remember, an ex is an ex for a reason!

Have you guys experienced anything like this? I know I have! (Rest in peace Mabinogi…) Did it work out for you guys, or were things just not the same as they once were? Let us know, and thanks for reading!

– Emmie

Night Trap from Limited Run Games!

I just popped my Limited Run Games cherry! I was just able to score a PS4 copy of Night Trap. I’m really looking forward to playing this version of the game as I’ve only played the SEGA CD version and the video quality is a little lacking. I’ve actually been on the hunt for a SEGA CD copy for a few years, but it’s always extremely overpriced when I find one.

I certainly will never forget the controversy Night Trap caused, even though it really didn’t deserve it as the scenes in question were quite tame. I can remember watching the Senate hearings on the game and “violence in video games” in general and being afraid that video games were going to be banned in all aspects. Or even worse, that I wouldn’t be able to play them again until I was an adult. Ah, the mind of a child.

Thankfully, even if they would have been banned; I’m pretty sure my parents still would have bought them for me. My parents taught me at a very young age the differences between fantasy and reality and games like Night Trap were just that: fantasy. I always felt bad for some of my friends growing up that were not allowed to play these games because I always got the impression that their parents didn’t believe in their intelligence enough for them to depict the difference between fantasy and reality.

Cave Story

It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of Metroidvania games, whether it’s Castlevania :Sotn or romhacks like Metroid:Rogue Dawn, I love exploring to finding new weapons or items, listening to the area music, and taking on challenging bosses. I recently purchased Cave Story+ for the Switch. It’s great to have another Metroidvania for the system.
You start out as a silent protagonist named Quote. After stumbling through the first cave you come across your first weapon, the Polar Star. Each weapon you acquire can level up, you level up by defeating enemies and collecting Energy Crystals. Taking damage will deduct EXP from the weapon you have currently equipped. Some weapons, like the Missile Launcher, have limited ammo, they’ll regenerate ammo over time or you can collect ammo drops from enemies. They’re plenty of Save and Restoration Points in the game. You can find Life Capsules and Missile Expansions to permanently increase your life and missile count. After making it through the cave, you’ll land in the Mimiga Village. The Mimiga are a dog/rabbit hybrid. They’re being harassed by mad doctor being possessed by an ancient artifact called the Demon Crown. He’s assisted by a goth witch named Misery and a giant brick-looking thing named Balrog. The trio are trying to turn the Mimiga into weapons by forcing them to eat flowers, which turns into monsters. One of the Mimiga you’ll meet is Sue Sakamoto, she’s an assistant to Professor Booster and Her brother King. She was turned into a Mimiga because of Misery. It’s up you to help Sue, Booster and King to stop the the mad doctor from hatching his plan. Continuing on we meet Kazuma Sakamoto, who is Sue’s brother. He got himself locked up in a room and keeps in contact with Sue via IM (Instant Messaging). Curly Brace, (who after finding her hidden panties(not making that up), can become playable in her own Mode), is a guardian of a small pack of Mimiga, suffers from memory loss and attacks Quote. After exchanging gunfire she realizes that you’re not after the Mimiga after all and will assist you from time to time.
Depending on your actions during certain parts of the game, she can either die horribly or assist you at the True final dungeon. After making it through the Labyrinth, you’ll see an injured Professor Booster fall to the ground. So here’s one of those important actions I just talked about, if you go down and talk to the Professor he’ll give you the Booster V0.8 and will die. However, if ignore him completely, you’ll see him later, alive and well and give you the Booster V2.0. (Hits head) Makes sense to me. After Quote and Curly make their way to the Dark Palace and have a fight with the Core, The room fills with water and Quote drowns, or so it seems. Curly gives Quote her Air Tank. If you acquired the Booster 0.8, Curly dies here, however if you ignored the Prof., you can find a Tow Rope and carry Curly to saftey. After making it halfway through the Waterway, you’ll come to a cabin with a safe point. By examining the computer and reading some books, you can pump the water out off Curly. You’re then given the option of leaving her there or taking her with you. TAKE HER WITH YOU. After a boss fight with Ironhead, the two will become separated. You’ll encounter the questionably alive Prof. Booster and he’ll give you the Booster V2.0. After heading back to the Egg Chamber, you’ll find Kazuma hiding out again. He pretty much gives up and he’ll offer you a ride on a Dragon, If you do you get the Bad Ending. By ignoring him, you can head up the Outer Wall and pick up the 290 Counter and get into the Plantation. Here we meet with Momorin Sakamoto, the mother of Kazuma and Sue. Also, Curly gets washed up here and needs a special mushroom in order to regain her memories. You’ll need to head back to the Mimiga village and head to the graveyard, up above you’ll meet Ma Pignon. After answering some questions, she gives you a fake mushroom and then fights you. After beating her she gives you the real one. After giving it to Curly, she’ll regain her memories about her and about you, and she’ll give you the Iron Bond. Back to Momorin, she’s making a robot that can get into the Last Cave. She needs to borrow your booster, but also needs a sprinkler and a controller. After requiring your booster, you head up to the top.
The Last Cave you enter will change depending on which booster you have. If you have 0.8 It won’t have as many spikes and Red Pools, plus you’ll skip a boss fight. If you have 2.0, best of luck, not only do you have a boss fight, but there are so many Red Pools that do 10 Damage, but Spikes are everywhere and your weapons go back to Level 1. After making your way through, you’ll come to the Balcony and Throne Room where you have a boss gauntlet. You’ll finally fight Misery, the Doctor himself, and after that Misery will transport in Sue and threat you to leave now or else. The defeated doctor under the Red Crystal’s power, turns Misery and Sue into monsters, and fuses it the Core. After a grueling fight, Quote and Sue will either escape together (Normal Ending), or if you did everything right, you’ll enter the Sacred Ground and find Curly. The Sacred Ground is basically HELL. Spikes everywhere, Bricks falling all the time, enemies that will home in on you, and five boss fights. If you die at any point, it’s back to your last save and have to do it all over again. GOOD LUCK. The Death Crown that was possessing is called Ballos.
The game isn’t that long, it can take a few hours to beat. You can still get the original free version, but it’s also on the Wii, the 3DS eshop, a remake in 3D for the 3DS, Steam, and The Nintendo Switch. If you get a physical version of the Switch version it actually comes with a Mini CD with the soundtrack and also an Instruction Booklet. I can recommend it to anyone that likes Metroidvania games and want a great challenge.

Splatoon 2: A look into Splatfests.


Let’s talk Nintendo for a moment here. Splatoon 2 is a third-person shooter that was released for the Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2017. Today, however, I will NOT be talking about Splatoon in it’s full glory. Instead, I’m going to be talking about an event that is held once every few weeks in the Splatoon series: Splatfest.

Nintendo, a week before Splatoon 2’s release, put up a free demo of the game to spread word of the game itself. The catch, if one can really call it that, is that you didn’t play a demo of the story mode of the game. Instead, you got to play 3 free hours of Splatoon 2 during a Splatfest. “But.. What IS a Splatfest?” A Splatfest is when the game divides itself divides into two teams, each representing something different per Splatfest. Some examples of past themes have been cats vs dogs, winter vs summer, ect. The Splatfest that demoed the game, however, was ice cream vs cake.

Here’s a bit of general knowledge on what a Splatfest is: you go to a booth in-game, and pick what side you want to win. Once you pick, there’s no going back, and you now represent that certain team when Splatfest begins. You get a t-shirt with your teams name and logo on it, and into the fray you go! You pair up with 3 other people who have chosen the same team as you, and you fight 4 members of the opposite team for 3 minutes. Who ever wins gets points added to their team, and the winners are revealed an hour after Splatfest ends. Unfortunately, to prevent people from just picking the winning side, you don’t actually have any real idea of who’s winning or losing the Splatfest until the end result. I think it adds to the fun and excitement though. Why stress over something you don’t know and can’t control?

Everyone wins upgrades for their gear at the end of Splatfest, but the winning team gets more than the losing. I think it’s a nice touch for those who put hard work into the Splatfest. Overall, I think Splatfests are a great way to bring those who may stray away from Splatoon 2 back into the game for a weekend of fun. In fact, there was a Splatfest just this past weekend: ketchup vs mayo. I’m team ketchup, but what side would YOU pick?