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The Logically Thinking Podcast Episode 8 – Remembering the Playstation

On this episode: Mike, Matt, Rick and Sean discuss the original Sony Playstation.

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Logically Thinking Podcast: Episode 7 – The Vacation Episode

On this special vacation episode, I take a few moments to talk about a pretty busy two weeks! Vacation my butt!

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Also on this episode:

  • State of the Podcast Update.
  • When Jobs Go Crazy.
  • The Kindle Paperweight and Withthings Pulse O2.
  • Visiting Inner Child Collectibles.
  • And more!!!

Logically Thinking Episode 6–An Interview with Shawn Montgomery (Part 2)



Logically Thinking Episode 6 – MP3 – DOWNLOAD (32 MEG)

On this episode, I’m back with the second part of my interview with Shawn Montgomery. This time, we talk about what made him decide to move from his small town in the Midwest to Los Angeles, California! He also talks about paying his dues, working with WWE Studios and more!

Also on this episode:

  • iTunes Update.
  • Training for Rugged Maniacs.
  • The RetroN 5 and Hyperkin’s PR face palm.
  • Shawn’s latest releases over at