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Star Wars: The Battle of Endor with the Oculus Rift DK2

It’s every Star Wars fan’s dream…

Seriously, how many times did the thought of “Man, I wish I could pilot an X-Wing and blow up a few TIE Fighters!” run through your head during one of the many awesome space battles in the Star Wars movies? Since the creation of the films, we’ve been able to experience that feeling in some degree. Some of us might have done that through the Star Wars rides at Disney or playing with a replica toy ship as a kid. Many of us have it least once revisited those battles with the large amount of Star Wars video games available, but none of these compare to the experience that the Oculus Rift DK2 and “Battle of Endor” tech demo can give you.

5 seconds into the demo you hear the very familiar words “It’s a trap!” over your headset. Those words put every Star Wars fan in sync to the Battle of Endor from Return of the Jedi. The Rebels have mounted an attack on the “unfinished” second Death Star, only to discover that they were given bad information and that the Death Star is it least functional. With the Oculus on your head, you find yourself as one of the many X-Wing Pilots in a fight to the death; taking out Tie-Fighters, Star Destroyers and more!

Never has a virtual dog fight felt so real with how easy it is to look around your ship by just moving your head in the direction you want to look. Armed with this and a great set of headphones, you truly feel the look, sound and scope of this massive space battle. You truly can’t believe the experience unless you try it yourself, but it least try to convey the amazement with this video! Check it out!

Red 5…out!