Rocket Knight Adventures Soundtrack – Bleeps On Wax- GAMER LOGIC

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the acclaimed soundtrack to Konami’s Sega Genesis classic Rocket Knight Adventures. Using the Genesis’ FM Synthesis to great effect, Rocket Knight Adventures features triumphant melodies balanced with action themes that sound as if they were pulled directly from a classic Yellow Magic Orchestra album.

This LP is available on Rocket Flash orange/yellow splatter vinyl!

1. Konami Logo
2. Interlude
3. Stage 1-1
4. Stage 1-2
5. Stage 2-1
6. Stage 2-2
7. Stage 3
8. Stage 4
9. Stage 5-1
10. Stage 5-2

1. Stage 6
2. Stage 7
3. Miniboss
4. Boss
5. Boss (Fast Version)
6. Final Boss
7. Continue?
8. Ending
9. Staff Roll
10. Game Over

Kid Dracula Soundtrack – Bleeps on Wax

Ship to Shore Phono Co just released the soundtrack to Kid Dracula on vinyl! Take a listen:

Side A:
1.Good Morning, Dra-Chan (おはようドラちゃん)
2. Go Go at the Great Castle (お城でゴーゴー)
3. Hop and Step Above the Clouds (ポップ・ステップ雲の上)
4. Cha-Cha-Cha in the Great Waters (お水でチャチャチャ)
5. Slipping Falling, Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow (すべって、ころんでイタタタタ)
6. Disappearing at Tiffany’s (ティファニーでドロン)

SIde B:
1. Sucharaka Pyramid (スチャラカ・ピラミッド)
2. Oops! Watch out (おっと!あぶない)
3. Robo-Robo Tokkuri (ロボロボとっくり)
4. Goodbye, Dra-Chan (さよならドラちゃん)