The Casual Mark Podcast – Episode 15


The Casual Mark Podcast – Episode 15 – Download

Segment 1 – Intro

Segment 2 – The Undercard

  • TNA on POPTV/Matt Hardy VS EC3/James Storm Returns to TNA.
  • Lucha Underground Returns.
  • NJPW Talent Headed to WWE/Bullet Club?!

Segment 3 – Smackdown to USA.

  • Has Smackdown been better since moving to USA?
  • How is MAURO RANALLO as the new Smackdown announcer? 

Segment 4 – Jim Ross Signs With AXSTV!

  • Jim Ross signed to do commentary for AXSTV NJPW.

Segment 5 – Social Outcasts

  • Social Outcasts or future endeavored?

Segment 6 – Roman Reigns as WWE Champion/IC Title Feud/US Title Feud.

  • Does Roman Reigns cut the mustard as WWE Champ?
  • Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens.
  • Kalisto VS Alberto Del Rio.
  • CMWP Bonus: Chris Jericho return thoughts.

Segment 7 – CMWP Hotline Results

  • We hear our listeners thoughts on the Royal Rumble!

Segment 8 – Royal Rumble Discussion.

  • Can WWE have a great Royal Rumble this year?

The top 5 Christmas presents I want from WWE.

While there are many things I’d like to see happen in the WWE, if I could have only 5 of those in the form of Christmas gifts from WWE; these 5 would be it:

  1. RAW gets cut down to 2 hours. 

Smackdown starts on the USA Network in a matter of weeks and its becoming apparent that WWE is trying to tighten up the ship for their B show to make it look and sound more like an A+ show. USA now plays both flagship WWE shows, so it wouldn’t kill USA and the WWE to scale back their RAW programming to two hours so there isn’t an overflow of the company on the network. Keep RAW at its 7PM central start time and have it end at 9PM so the younger and older fans can go to bed. USA can always resort to spamming another episode of NCIS or Law & Order to fill its 9PM start time.


  1. Creative pulls the trigger on a Dean Ambrose/Kevin Owens World Title Run.

Owens and Ambrose are having a killer feud together, but the truth to the situation is that both these guys can have great programs with anyone. They both get great crowd reactions perform very well on the microphone and their wrestling is top notch. Give these guys their own run for the world title while the fire is hot.


  1. John Cena continues to hold the U.S. Title. (While he’s around.)

I have heard from some pretty reliable sources that John Cena will be pulling a Rock and focusing more on his movie career that has suddenly started to have a second life. What exactly does that mean? I expect Cena to have a few periods within the next couple of years where he’s on and off the WWE roster for a few months. John absolutely refuses to take any film role within WWE films and only wants to get roles with bigger productions; meaning he can’t simply fly back to appear on RAW like he has in the past. While he is on the roster, have him continue to champion the US Title and have him elevate talent to the next level with it.


  1. Daniel Bryan is the last entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble.

The Royal Rumble has really sucked the last couple of years and now WWE has the opportunity to do it right by having Daniel Bryan be the surprise last entrant in the Rumble and win it. Bryan gets a chance to win back the title he never lost at Wrestlemania and for once people talk about the Rumble in a positive light.


  1. Owen Hart is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

I have a feeling that if any of these Christmas wishes come true, it will be this one. Owen Hart is a class act and watching his recently released DVD on his life made me realize that it’s a crying shame that he isn’t in the Hall of Fame in the first place. This man gave his life for the pro wrestling business and has never truly been acknowledge for the amazing work that he has done. Something tells me that 2016 will change that though.

The Casual Mark Podcast – Episode 10


The Casual Mark Podcast – Episode 10 – Download

Team CMWP is back with another episode! Undertake, Roddy Piper and the Diva’s Revolution is just a few things we talk about!

  • Segment 1 – Introduction
  • Segment 2 – CMWP Social Media Update and T-Shirts
  • Segment 3 – Superstar Spotlight: Roddy Piper
  • Segment 4 – Superstar Spotlight: Undertaker
  • Segment 5 – ROH/TNA/GFW/NJPW/Lucha U Programming Developments.
  • Segment 6 – NXT: Take Over: Brooklyn
  • Segment 7 – Divas Revolution
  • Segment 8 – Summerslam 2015 Predictions

A World Championship Tragedy: Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Rowdy Roddy Piper passing away last week was another devastating blow to the wrestling community as he was a true original. No one walked down to the ring, delivered a promo and told a story during his matches like he did. We’ve lost a number of iconic superstars this year, including Dusty Rhodes; but to me the death of Roddy Piper is one of the most tragic because of one reason:

He was never a world champion for any of the big league companies like WWE or WCW.


Now don’t get me wrong, Piper transcended the need for any world championship belt with many memorable matches, his iconic role in “They Live” and with his promos. His role as a heel during his massive feud with Hulk Hogan helped cement Hogan’s run on top for years, essentially breathing financial life into the WWF for a good portion of the 80’s. He was an essential piece of the puzzle that made WWF what it was back then and not once did he receive the ultimate acknowledgement of that hard work in the form of a WWF Championship run. That’s a tragedy, folks. I highly doubt a run with Piper as champion would have hurt WWF’s bottom line and he without a doubt knew how to draw heat from the crowd as a heel. The classic scenario of Piper winning the championship with unhanded tactics against 80’s icon Hulk Hogan would have setup the ultimate “Face VS Heel.” program, with Hogan eventually winning the title back that he was cheated out of.  Good triumphs over evil. It’s been told a million times, but not the way Piper would have done it with that belt.

The thing that bothers me about Piper not having his name attached to the linage of a world championship is for the historical aspect of the industry. Think about it: In three or four generations from now when a new wrestling fan looks at the history of the WWE title, they will have a better chance of learning about The Great Khali than they will of Rowdy Roddy Piper based on that list of who held the title. Seasoned wrestling fans know that a world title on you doesn’t make you the man, but once you’ve held that title, your chances of being remembered historical increase dramatically over those who don’t. While its true that he won the WWF Intercontinental Championship, there’s always the chance that WWE could sweep that title under the rug. They have once before.


I think the fact that Piper was never given a World Championship run bothered him.  Inside MMA replayed a segment from 2007/2008 where they interviewed him and Bas Rutten introduced him as a “World champion wrestling superstar.” You could tell that Piper wanted to correct him and tell him: “They never gave me that chance, buddy.” but instead he laughed it off and proceeded with the interview like a pro.

Roddy Piper should not be forgotten and will most likely never be, but it’s up to us as fans of this industry to keep his legacy alive where the promoters failed to do so.

RIP, Roddy Piper!

The Casual Mark Podcast – Episode 9



The Casual Mark Podcast – Episode 9 – Download

Chris is on vacation and Frank’s being a family man, so that leaves Mike and the Enforcer to tag team the podcast on this episode! Can they do it?!

  • Segment 1: Intro.
  • Segment 2: Raw in Chicago .
  • Segment 3: Superstar Spotlight: Seth Rollins.
  • Segment 4: Superstar Spotlight: Brock Lesnar.
  • Segment 5: ROH/TNA/GFW/NJPW Developments.
  • Segment 6: Beast In the East Results.
  • Segment 7: Battleground Predictions.

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